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#include "custom.h"
void showhelp() {
printf("The Calculator File-Xferer v%s\n\n", VERSION);
printf("Usage: cafix [COMMANDS]... [SOURCE|DESTPATH]\n\n");
printf("  Available commands are:\n\n");
printf("   -r,   --receive    try to receive data\n");
printf("   -s,   --send       send a file\n");
printf("   -rn,  --rename     prompts for filename (must be combined with -s or -r)\n");
printf("   -c,   --control    remote control mode\n");
printf("   -h,   --help       this helptext\n\n");
printf("The working calculators are Casio CFX-9850 GB PLUS and CFX-9990GT,\n");
printf("maybe others as well.\n");

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